During my work period of the Young Talent Stipend, I intend to publish some of my thoughts every month. Left of this page (or top if you are using a mobile device), you will find an overview of categories. Select ‘Mondriaan Fund’ for an overview of all publications written during my work period.

#4 November 2020

This month’s reflection is brief. November was a strange month where I really experienced the emptiness left by the absence of interaction with the public at exhibitions and the interaction with the industry as a whole. I realized how much showing work gives me an emotional right to exist. And consequently, how naked I feel since Covid-19 removed what proved my existence as an artist.

Yet this month was not all doom and gloom. The feeling of loss is also accompanied by the strange and pleasant position of financial stability. With the opportunity to invest both time and money in my development. I practice my skills almost daily on the burner and notice that I gradually get a better understanding of glass. I am very grateful but also concerned about what will happen after this period. Because yes, this period will be over at some point.

But as a notorious doom thinker, I’ve also learned that worrying can be a tool as long as it doesn’t cloud the dream. Sometimes the most beautiful things are born in the midst of sleepless nights and worries.

Thank you for reading.

To be continued.

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