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#7 June 2021  

I’m typing this on June 28 in my new atelier. The past few months have been chaotic [in a good way], but that’s definitely the beauty of this work.

[atelier] As I said, I have a new workspace. Due to ceiling defects, we had to move within a month from our space at the Benthemstraat. After a short moment of panic, we quickly found a new location in Het Schieblock only 600 meters away from our then-current location. Our new space is smaller but will definitely do just fine. I haven’t settled in yet since I had a 5-week residency in the Student Hotel Delft.

[residency] In June I was invited by Highlight Delft for a residency in the Student Hotel in Delft where I could continue to develop my skills in glass. Which meant moving my burner and workbench again. In hindsight, it was actually relatively easy to move my burner. [Not surprising when you look at the itinerant historical character of glass blowing behind the burner.] A good practice to keep refining and altering my work environment. 

During my residency at the Student Hotel, I experimented with glass gears. Deforming and pulling the gears out of proportion, and creating organic cylinder-shaped gears. These gears were showcased in a 24/7 window exhibit alongside my experiments with trapping and mixing different liquids and my blindly ambitious project to make a glass piston engine.

The public could also visit me physically in my temporary studio during my work. I have to admit that I did feel very vulnerable to show something that still could solidify into so many different shapes. I ended my residency last weekend with a small gathering and exhibition and honestly felt very happy to have shown my progress. All the interactions with the public left me feeling revived.

And then my partner and I also managed to buy an apartment in Rotterdam. So obviously, nothing came of the artist retreat in April. That’s why I’m going on a little retreat now. Getting some time distance in between me and my work will help me to define my first (more elaborate) working glass model. I can say, even though I am tired now I do feel cheerful. Probably because I see the world opening up again. And also personally I feel more confident about my choices, I’m still wandering in the dark woods but I’m getting more and more comfortable navigating.

See you in July!


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