_ Fleeting Thoughts


     The flame surrounds and shapes me,
     I flow and rest where she’ll let me.
I know our work will never be done.

     I watch her,
     I love how we work late into the night.
I cherish our ever-evolving state.

     I find myself in a different place,
I am surrounded by humans.

     Something pulses within me,
     I move.
I know this won’t last.

     My elongated distorted forms turn,
     I might break.
But I am more than this ephemeral exoskeleton.

     All eyes are on me,
     my transparent body shimmers.
I embrace my fragile existence.

     I see her,
     she assists me with a smile on her face.
I made that, I think, as I slowly decay.


Fleeting thoughts is a poem written I wrote from the perspective of Symbiote, who ponders its changing existence, relationships, and environment. The poem can be read in different ways, as a whole and by putting the different indent levels in succession. Visually also divided as an italic font and regular font.

[some background] Mid 19 centery travelling companies of glassworkers promoted their shows through showcasing glass machinery such as steam engines. They held poetry competitions and presented prizes to the bard who submitted the best verse.

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