OVERVIEW: Prototypes and files developed at CYENS – Thinker Maker Space (Nicosia, CYPRUS)


‘LOTUS’ is a small kinetic object that reacts to movement through the use of a proximety sensor. The movement is caused by a single servo motor, which
moves the Lotus’ arms up and down.

#PROTOTYPE Linear Actuator

#PROTOTYPE ‘Meander’

This prototype’s movement is achieved by manipulating paper. A 2D surface is transformed into a 3D shape by laser cutting patterns in paper. I created circular line patterns in Grasshopper so that
the form could be extruded when something pushes against it.
The initial movement comes from a stepper motor that presses against the back of the paper. It was interesting to work with the stepper motors. But I would like to develop it further with the
help of fans to get a more ‘natural’ effect. There is also still a lot to be gained in further experimenting with materials and patterns. I already took part of my next step after the WIP festival by experimenting with different materials, leather instead of paper.