On the anticipation of the audience. A short account of how Evanescent performed when I got the chance to test its limits at ARS Electronica.

I was invited by V2_Lab for the Unstable media to present and create a work for the Rotterdam Garden at ARS Electronica 2022. The work I created is called Evanescent.

This is what happend.

We find ourselves on the second floor of the Science Building 4 on the grounds of the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. When you enter the second floor you’ll see a vague shimmering glimpse in the distance. On closer inspection you will see Evanescent, suspended from the ceiling with steel cables, resting its back against the wall. You will probably first notice the six distorted glass gears that contain different shades of red ecoline. When the gears rotate the red dilutes in shades of orange […]

final entry: progress.jannetjejeanine.nl

https://vimeo.com/646526762 This month marks the last entry to progress.jannetjejeanine.nl. On this subdomain I have documented my steps in glass for a year. In retrospect, this was a wise choice. Because it is all too easy to lose track of what you already achieved when faced with so many new things to […]


During my residency at the Student Hotel, I experimented with glass gears. Deforming and pulling the gears out of proportion, and creating organic cylinder-shaped gears. These gears were showcased in a 24/7 window exhibit alongside my experiments with trapping and mixing different liquids and my blindly ambitious project to make a glass piston engine.


I created a hotglue page. Hotglue is an content manipulation system which essentially allows you to create an ever-expanding online moodboard. Which is perfect for me. I can gather all seemingly unrelated ideas, fascinations and information and see where they lead me.


When will wonders cease, we may justly enquire,
When we see a Glass Engine, complete and entire…
Incredulity starts, in most utter surprise,
We can hardly believe the plain sight of our eyes…
The steam from the boilers sends life to the heart,
And life it goes bounding throughout every part.


Exploring traditional separate domains such as programming and glass blowing allows me to take the best of different worlds to create unexpected shapes. A promising sparkle. The combination of craft and technology creates crossovers, hybrid shapes, and new possibilities. My research places “motion sensor”, “laser cutting” and “3D printing” comfortably next to “burner” and “annealing furnace”.