ChatGPT, on the machine destroyed.

One reason why people might get upset when a machine doesn’t function as it should is that we rely on technology to perform tasks that are important to us, and when a machine fails to do so, it can be frustrating or even disruptive to our lives. We may also feel that we’ve invested time, money, or effort into the machine, and its failure can feel like a personal failure or disappointment.

introduction: ‘Impulses’

In what ways can I cultivate the presence of the visitors. How can I use it as an input to the actions performed by the glass machine. And what happens when the spectator becomes part and activator of the deconstructive machine performance.

On the anticipation of the audience. A short account of how Evanescent performed when I got the chance to test its limits at ARS Electronica.

I was invited by V2_Lab for the Unstable media to present and create a work for the Rotterdam Garden at ARS Electronica 2022. The work I created is called Evanescent.

This is what happend.

We find ourselves on the second floor of the Science Building 4 on the grounds of the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz. When you enter the second floor you’ll see a vague shimmering glimpse in the distance. On closer inspection you will see Evanescent, suspended from the ceiling with steel cables, resting its back against the wall. You will probably first notice the six distorted glass gears that contain different shades of red ecoline. When the gears rotate the red dilutes in shades of orange […]

multi machine installation

The plotter knife replaced by pens and markers draws intricate designs and patterns with machine precision.

The loud mechanic sounds generated by the plotter were picked up by a microphone and fed into a complex audiovisual feedback loop where sound was converted into image using hacked VGA cables and a signal stabilizer.