Impulses #2

During my work period (January 2023 – September 2023) of the Research & Developments of CBK Rotterdam I intend to publish my progress and thoughts on this subdomain. Under this post you will find an overview of categories. Select ‘Research & Development, CBK Rotterdam’ for an overview of all publications written during my work period.

I’ve been busy studying the Raspberry Pi and learning about how different sensors work and doing small experiments following the book Raspberry Pi en het Internet of Things. I have done experiments with different sensors like:

PIR sensor, motion sensor Passive Infrared sensor. Provided a digital signal, low or high.
LDR sensor, Light Dependent Resistor. Resistance depends on the amount of light that hits it.
DHT11, measures relative humidity
Ultrasonic sensor, echo location
DS18B20, temperature sensor. Does a digital measurement and works with serial communication (1 wire communication)

< experiments > They are interesting experiments, but visually not much is happening yet. Of course that’s okay for now. Now that the book has given me a brief introduction and overview, I can choose more specifically what I find interesting enough to pursue. At the moment that is working with movement, light and sound. But these are also the relatively ‘easy’ sensors to connect to humans and human behavior. I look forward to exploring more ways to sense a human presence.

< TU Delft > I have found the perfect place to learn more, the Matching Programme Crossing Parallels. This means that I can use the all tools and expertise of the Science Centre of the TU Delft. I am very happy with this because I think I can learn a lot from the staff and students.

< next > For now I have to think carefully about the next step: how I can use the sensor to control the behavior of the visitor. To do this, I first have to define what type of behavior I want to control and which sensors are most suitable for this.