introduction: ‘Impulses’

During my work period (January 2023 – September 2023) of the Research & Developments of CBK Rotterdam I intend to publish my progress and thoughts on this subdomain. Under this post you will find an overview of categories. Select ‘Research & Development / CBK R’DAM ’ for an overview of all publications written during my work period.

> point of departure < In what ways can I cultivate the presence of the visitors. How can I use it as an input to the actions performed by the glass machine. And what happens when the spectator becomes part and activator of the deconstructive machine performance. 

Since 2018 I have shown my kinetic work a lot and at every exhibition visitors have tried to touch or turn on the machine. Often resulting in damage to the work. But for every visitor who touches it, there is also someone who tries to interrupt or prevent it. I’ve come to see this as an unavoidable aspect of my work.

In September 2022, at ARS Electronica, I saw how the public initially reacted hesitantly and reluctantly to the deconstruction of the glass machine. But eventually growing eager to see the destruction unfold, and somewhat disappointed when it doesn’t happen in their presence. It makes me curious about what would happen if the public is left to their own devices without supervision. Would they try to completely destroy the machine?

By delving into sensors and programming with the Raspberry Pi, I want to explore the possibility of making my sculptures react to their environment. In my research period I will develop a series of experimental kinetic prototypes that make use of a sensor in different ways. This series of artifacts should provide an overview of the added value and possibilities of sensors for my work, and provide insight into the next steps I can take. I will conclude my research period with an exhibition in which I test the series of prototypes that have been made.

I would like to further investigate the exchange between the visitor and my work by integrating sensors in my kinetic installations. By using the Raspberry Pi I can write programs that process, store and convert the data from the sensor into action in various ways. I want to conclude my research period with a presentation in which I involve the public even more intensively in my installations by collecting data with sensors, in order to use the presence of the visitors as input for the machine. How do people react when they notice that they are the input that causes the destruction. It can also be the other way around, their presence can also stop a deconstruction. With this I want to transform the audience from spectator to participant and activator of the performance.

With my new step, the machine continues to evolve as a performer and the spectator transforms into a participant.